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Mineral Oil and Skincare

Mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum fractionation that is from the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. Mineral oil is commonly used in skincare products because is cheap to buy and its main purpose is prevention of water loss from the skin. Mineral oil of technical grade is the lowest grade and contains contaminants that been confirmed in studies to accelerate the risk of cancer in humans which is based on the 2011 report by the national toxicology program which stated that untreated and mildly treated mineral oils are known to be human carcinogens which was a result of sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity from studies in humans.[1] MIneral oil is comedogenic and therefore clogs the skin pores thereby leading to the incidence of acne and breakouts. Mineral oil been an occlusive agent that forms a physical barrier over the skin to reduce moisture loss tends to keep bacteria and dirts close and tight to the skin precipitating breakouts. Mineral oils has no nutritional value and is an empty oil that does nothing for the skin except contributing to body contamination and breakouts. Mineral oil lacks phytonutrients and do not provide hydration to the skin. For these reasons highlighted above, mineral oil is not the best option for skincare products. Reference: 1.Mineral Oils: Untreated and mildly treated(2011)(National Toxicology Program,Department of Health and Human Services) [Online] 14 Available :

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As someone who's always been cautious about what goes on my skin, I've been researching the use of mineral oil in skincare products. From what I've learned, it's essential to understand its effects, especially considering its occlusive nature. However, I'd also recommend consulting with a professional like Dr. Karin Vela, especially if you're in Dubai, for a thorough medical check up Dubai. It's crucial to prioritize both skincare knowledge and regular medical evaluations for overall well-being.

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I've found that mineral oil can be a bit of a divisive topic in skincare circles. While some swear by its ability to lock in moisture and keep skin soft, others worry about its potential to clog pores. Personally, I've had positive experiences with it, but as always, it's crucial to patch-test and see how your skin reacts. On another note, if anyone has recommendations for skincare post-Rhinoplasty Dubai, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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"Thank you for sharing this insightful information about mineral oil in skincare. It's concerning to learn about the potential risks associated with untreated and mildly treated mineral oils, especially in terms of their connection to cancer. projects marketing assignment help

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jackson Watt
12 lug 2023

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