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  • How does Broban cream works
    It makes the acne,boils or pimples comes to an head much quicker and therefore releases the purulent discharge in the spots and facilitates quick healing and drying up of spots.
  • Do i need to exfoliate my skin before applying broban cream?
    No. Broban cream is a complete solution. It has an exfoliating action and therefore digest dead skin cells due to its protease content and chemical debridement ability.
  • What is the principle behind Broban cream healing efficacy?
    Broban cream controls both the acute and chronic inflammation which means it stops all the five stages of inflammation which are: Dolor : Pain Calor: Heat Tumour: Swelling Rubor: Redness and Functio Laesa: Loss of function.
  • Does Broban cream has any side effects
    Broban cream does not have any side effects because it is 100% Natural. 80% of its ingredients are emulsifiers and stabilisers used for making ice-cream while the rest 20% of its ingredients are plant extracts and vitamins.
  • Is broban cream suitable for children and vegetarians?
    Broban cream is suitable for children and vegetarians because all of its ingredients are from plant source and organic, pH-balanced and does not contain any harsh additives and chemicals therefore gentle to the skin and also its pH is 4.6 which is very close to natural human skin's pH thereby encouraging fast assimilation and improve bioavailability.
  • The cream is not coming out from the bottle after repeated usage
    Due to the concentrated form of the cream when the level of the cream reach below 1/3 of the bottle's volume it might be difficult to press it out. You just have to shake the bottle few times ,hit the base of the bottle against your palm several times and press it again.
  • Can Broban cream helps with Psoriasis?
    Psoriasis is an autoimmune syndrome characterised by raised red inflamed patches of the skin and consistent with itching and burning sensations around the white silvery scales or plaques on the red patches. Psoriasis is Th1 and Th17 immune-mediated chronic inflammatory disease and Broban cream acts as an immune modulatory agent to help restore balance to the immune system and combat associated symptoms such as itching,painful burning sensation and redness amongst others.
  • Has Broban cream been laboratory tested and approved to sell in the EU?
    Broban cream is officially approved to be on the market in the European union which includes all the twenty seven (27) EU countries and United Kingdom. As requirements of registering our product in the EU; we are required to submit product samples to independent registered laboratories to conduct the Preservative efficacy test (PET) and Stability test. Which was followed by the Cosmetics product safety report by a registered cosmetics product safety report assessor.
  • Can Broban cream work for cold sores or blocked nose?
    Broban cream has the full antidotes of a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Broban cream has been used for blocked nose and it instantly decongested and unblocked the nose simply by rubbing the cream on the bridge of the nose and the sinus cavities directly below the eyes and the forehead. Also Broban cream has successfully treated cold sores
  • i have a severe case of Eczema/Psoriasis that includes open wounds.Can i apply Broban cream?
    Yes. Broban cream make the open wound resolves faster by reducing inflammation and restores loss of function to that part of body.The moment the fluid accumulation is reduced in a wound it enables the regeneration and repair of the damaged tissue.
  • What is Herbal All Skincare Ethos and Principle.
    Herbal All Skincare is predicated on using wholly natural and organic ingredients only because we believe humans are made of energies and molecules of the universe which are predominantly natural and organic molecules. For any remedy to work effectively and optimally in the body without any side effects; it has to be constituted of only natural and organic ingredients. When inorganic and laboratory synthesized ingredients are used in manufacture ; they tends to leave traces in the body and generate byproducts which essentially hurt tissues and organs of the body.
  • Can Broban works as an Antihistamine and Anti-allergy?
    Yes. Broban cream works as anti-histamine and anti-allergy because the cream stops the production of histamine and other inflammatory mediators which include prostaglandins, tryptase and serotonin in the body. This is achieved when Broban cream reduces production of basophil complements in the blood because histamine is produced in the basophil cells which also have a part to play in allergies.Allergies are triggered by the mast cells.Broban cream reduces circulating mast cells in the blood.
  • Does Broban cream has chemical debridement property?
    Yes. Broban cream does have chemical debridement property which allows it to digest dead skin cells and prevent formation of scar tissues. For scar tissues that were already formed such as Keloids; Broban cream digest the scar tissue and flattens it due to its protease content which has the ability to digest the dead skin cells only but will leave the living skin cells untouched. This is achieved through MHC( Major Histocompatibility Complex) attached to the surfaces of the dead cells which are different from the MHC attached to the living cells thus helping the protease to differentiate between the living skin cells and dead skin cells.
  • Can Broban cream help reduces dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes?
    Yes. Broban cream has anti-inflammatory action and therefore prevents dilations of blood vessels and veins and leakage of fluids to the extracellular space within the eyes area and therefore stops inflammations and swellings of tissues around the eyes.
  • How does Broacular balm works?
    Broacular balm attacks the root causes of swelling in the muscles and other parts of the body. The menthol crystals and salicylic acid based hot muscular balm in the market addresses swelling in the muscle by diverting blood flows away from the muscles to the surface of the skin or the epidermal layer thereby temporarily reduces pain sensations in the muscles and that is why the skin is reddened when hot balm is applied due to increase supply of blood to the skin surface. This process is a temporary fix as compared to broacular balm that stop the productions of the inflammatory mediators like prostaglandin,leukotrienes, histamine,serotonin which are the root causes of pain and swellings and thereby completely remove the pain sensations and never to return again. With Broacular balm, is a permanent fix to Muscular ,arthritis ,rheumatic and joints pain
  • What are the differences between Broban cream and topical steroid cream?
    The topical steroid cream works by immune suppression and immune-editing. Steroids prevent the natural immune system in the body from functioning properly by compromising immunosurveillance ability of the immune system in which the immune sytem can not see the antigens,bacteria ,viruses or cancer cells and therefore producing no symptoms normally associated with these common ailments. This process therefore gives the illusive or wrong impressions that the causative organisms or factors have been eliminated but in actual facts were still present and proliferating in the body so when the effects of the steroid cream wears off which usually happens when you stop using the steroid cream;the symptoms returns back stronger .So the problem and what is causing it never really goes away in the first place when the steroid cream was applied but was just hidden away from the immune system and therefore produces no symptoms. Broban cream acts in a different way by addressing the root causes of the problem therefore eliminating viruses,bacteria and other antigens, stop production of inflammatory mediators such as histamine and prostaglandin thereby fixing the problem permanently. The good thing about Broban cream as compared to steroid cream is that it never weakens the immune system but rather strengthening it.
  • The Analogy of the Steroid cream
    I would like to use a perfect analogy to illustrate the way steroid cream or tablet works in the human body. Imagine you wanted to download a document from a website on the internet. You will need a wifi or a network provider to connect to the internet and consequently the website; without a wifi or a network provider, it will be difficult for your mobile phone to access the internet and the website. The Phone is the human body The wifi or network provider is the immune system The website is the antigens,bacteria and viruses The documents you wanted to download are the symptoms of the diseases. So, steroid cream or tablets will try and block the wifi so that your phone cannot pick the wifi signals. Therefore the downloadable documents which are the disease symptoms such as skin problems will disappear because your phone(body) cannot access wifi (immune system) to connect to the internet and the website (bacteria ,viruses). Despite the disappearance of symptoms ,the bacteria are still in your body multiplying and as soon as the effects of the steroid creams or tablets disappear ;the symptoms will re-appear more intense and stronger due to bacteria or viruses populations that have grown in number because they were unchecked by the immune system. Whereas what Broban cream does in the narrative above is to remove the website (antigens, bacteria,viruses) therefore disease symptoms(skin problems) simply do not exist because there is no website to downloaded them although the wifi (immune system) is still functional . So Broban cream effectively takes care of the problem without compromising or affecting the functions of the immune system.
  • Is Broacular balm effective against the chesty cough?
    Broacular balm when applied to the chest goes far deep into the lungs area to unclogs the lungs of mucus and other suppurative fluids thereby alleviating the symptoms of chesty cough. Histamine is the chemical messenger that is responsible for mucus production in the body. Histamine is one of the inflammatory mediators that are found in the body. Broacular balm stops the production of histamine in the body and therefore stops mucus production too. Cough is an autonomous reflex action by the body trying to remove mucus from the lung tissues thereby facilitating gaseous exchanges essential to sustenance of human respiration. For mucus that are already formed in the lungs, Broacular balm dissolves them into liquid that are re-absorbed into the body
  • How safe is Mineral Oil in Skincare ?
    Mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum fractionation that is from the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. Mineral oil is commonly used in skincare products because is cheap to buy and its main purpose is prevention of water loss from the skin. Mineral oil of technical grade is the lowest grade and contains contaminants that been confirmed in studies to accelerate the risk of cancer in humans which is based on the 2011 report by the national toxicology program which stated that untreated and mildly treated mineral oils are known to be human carcinogens which was a result of sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity from studies in humans.[1] MIneral oil is comedogenic and therefore clogs the skin pores thereby leading to the incidence of acne and breakouts. Mineral oil been an occlusive agent that forms a physical barrier over the skin to reduce moisture loss tends to keep bacteria and dirts close and tight to the skin precipitating breakouts. Mineral oils has no nutritional value and is an empty oil that does nothing for the skin except contributing to body contamination and breakouts. Mineral oil lacks phytonutrients and do not provide hydration to the skin. For these reasons highlighted above, mineral oil is not the best option for skincare products. Reference: 1.Mineral Oils: Untreated and mildly treated(2011)(National Toxicology Program,Department of Health and Human Services) [Online] 14 Available :
  • How safe is Hyaluronic acid in cosmetics?
    Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan found in connective tissues and extracellular matrix and also used as a dermal filler. A 70kg man has an average of about 15 grams of hyaluronic acid in their body where it is constantly recycled everyday, Hyaluronic acid is also found in the extracellular capsule of Group A streptococcal where it predominates virulence in humans thereby making human susceptible to viral attacks. Hyaluronic acid is highly implicated in its significant contribution to cellular proliferation and migration thereby contributes to progression of some malignant tumours[1] Hyaluronic acid serves as a tumour marker for prostate and breast cancer and therefore use to monitor the progression of these cancers also Hyaluronic acid levels correlates with poor prognosis and malignancy in some cancers.[2] It has been noted that hyaluronic acid facilitates cancer metastasis through the molecules it stimulates and interacts with in the human body [3] ;molecules such as hyaluronic acid synthase; CD44 and EMT(Epithelial-mesenchymal transition) amongst others. Hyaluronic acid used in cosmetics comes in three forms which are : -High molecular weight (HMW) hyaluronic acid(1000-1400 kDa) -Medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid -Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (20-300kDa) High molecular weight hyaluronic acid works only on the surface of the skin where it provides hydration to the skin;prevent trans-epidermal water loss and scavenge free radicals. While the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid showed some benefits ;the low molecular weights hyaluronic acid triggers skin inflammation and with too much inflammation ;ageing process will be set in. Hyaluronic acids cannot penetrate deep into the skin where it is most needed unless is broken into small pieces which comes with the side effects of inflammation. References: 1. Stern, edited by Robert (2009). Hyaluronan in cancer biology (1st ed.). San Diego, CA: Academic Press/Elsevier. ISBN 978-0-12-374178-3. 2.Gritsenko PG, Ilina O, Friedl P (2012). "Interstitial guidance of cancer invasion". J. Pathol. 226 (2): 185–199. doi:10.1002/path.3031. PMID 22006671. 3.Bharadwaj AG, Kovar JL, Loughman E, Elowsky C, Oakley GG, Simpson MA (2009). "Spontaneous metastasis of prostate cancer is promoted by excess hyaluronan synthesis and processing". Am. J. Pathol. 174 (3): 1027–36. doi:10.2353/ajpath.2009.080501. PMC 2665762. PMID 19218337.
  • Can Broban cream heals sore throat?
    Broban cream have been tried several times on sore throat and each time it completely soothes the pain and healed the sore throat after repeated applications to the sore area on the neck. How to apply: Try and locate the sore area at the surface of the skin on the neck and after identifying the painful spot then liberally apply the cream on that area and the inflammation signs are eliminated and if the pain comes back then continuously applied again as needed. How it works: Broban cream can penetrate deep down into the skin when applied on the skin surface and create healing effect internally.
  • What is the effect of Broban cream on skin tags?
    Broban cream digest skin tags and eliminate tags by causing swelling and bursting of tags. Broban cream recognised skin tags as dead skin tissue through the Major histocompatibility complex on the tag and therefore remove the tag through a process of phagocytosis. How to apply: Rub a layer of the cream on top of the skin tags several times a day until the tags start changing in size and colour and start feeling tender to touch. Eventual after repeated applications which mostly is between three to four days but could be longer;the tags will become pus-filled and burst and dried up with no scaring and mark left behind on the spot where the tag was removed.
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