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About Us


Herbal Alliance skincare is an ethical and organic company that is into natural skincare products.

Our products are wholly natural and organic making it completely safe for pregnant women and babies.

Our products go through rigorous testing both in the laboratory and on the field in addition to strict regulatory vetting before going on the market.

All of our ingredients are carefully sourced from reputable organic and natural cosmetic ingredients suppliers to ensure consistency and good quality because we believe quality is not added at the end of  production but actually starts with the ingredients.

The idea of making natural skincare products began when the founder was trying to find solution to his lingering acne problem and after trying everything in the market including all what his doctors have given him and nothing worked he decided to put his destiny into his own hands and refused to let his condition become a life sentence.

Time and chance and training as a Biochemist/forensic analyst/Pharmaceutical analyst enabled him to troubleshoots until finding a permanent cure to his skin problem which is also completely natural.

We are so happy to offer you these innovative products knowing that you will derive great benefits and improved quality of life like others who have tried our products.

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