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The preparation is an immune booster and a natural protocol consisting of mixtures of aloe Vera juice and calendula extract with other essential phytochemical.

Indications: cough, fever, mucus,chronic inflammation, flu, pneumonia, antiviral, antibacterial,immunomodulatory.

Brophytamine Immune booster Supplement

SKU: 0013
  • Brophytamine works by stopping chronic inflammation (calor-heat; rubor- redness; dolor-pain; tumour-swelling and functio laesa -loss of functions)of the lungs and the decongestion of the lungs by stopping fluid and mucus accumulations(antihistamine & mucolytic). It stops the action of COX2 enzyme thereby reduces production of prostaglandin E2(antipyretic-stop fever). It stops body production of TRYPTASE( tryptase is an inflammatory mediator that helps the virus to infects human red blood cells and replicates). It elevates CD4+ T-cells in the body thereby strengthens the immune system.

    It is a virucide with potent antiviral & antibacterial actions. It digest viruses’ biofilm which help them to evade immune system and spread ( serum plasmin, the internal protease cannot do this but the protease in this therapy has the ability).

    The therapy ticks all the boxes in fighting the current pandemic SARS2(COVID-19) that the world is currently facing apart from being 100 % natural & organic.

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